Someone stop me…

Posted by meronpan on July 9, 2008

Can’t… stop… pre-ordering… orz

It’s always bad when an older figure I’ve been eying gets re-released.  Bad because I always go into, “Oh, maybe I should pick up so-and-so while I’m at it… and her… and her…”  Today it was Alter’s KOS-MOS.  My wallet escaped only after sustaining the following casualties… ^^;

Yuumiru from Queen’s Blade…

Airi, also from Queen’s Blade…

As mentioned, Alter’s KOS-MOS Ver. 4…

And the recently announced Limit Gunz…

[images from the official sites. Megahouse, Alter, Good Smile Company]

As you may have noticed, I have a weakness for babes wielding weapons…

Reviews of the first three for those interested:
KOS-MOS @ foo-bar-baz (one of the uncommon 5/5 star reviews… i’ve found the ratings there to be fairly similar to my taste), wcloudx, panther
(next two are cast off and reviews are nsfw)
Yuumiru @ akibahobby
Airi @ akibahobby, vision of vixon, foo-bar-baz

Oh… and I nearly forgot. Earlier this week my last defense against Chizuru finally gave way…

[img from Akibablog]

Worst part is, I kind of want to get the fox edition too… orz

25 Responses to “Someone stop me…”

  1. Nomad said

    I recently got my debit mastercard, and I have been pre-ordering like crazy >_< its sooo hard lmao.

    Anyway nice pre-orders you have there ^_^

  2. xJAYMANx said

    Haha, u remind me of myself a couple years ago!

    For me, after maybe a few dozen figures, once I discovered my own tastes, what I *really* liked and what quickly bored me, I could be more selective…

    *Maybe* you’ll go through the same thing, lol. ^_^;

  3. Panther said

    You must stop. I am at that point where I realized I over-preordered.

    Also I have a review of KOS-MOS Ver. 4 as well, link below if you are interested.


  4. meronpan said

    @nomad we’re infected with a terrible disease! orz

    @xjaymanx maybe huh? ^^;; a few dozen… i’ll be at that point by the end of the year i suppose…here’s to hoping! (err hoping that i settle down ^^;) /kampai

    @panther i knew there had to be more reviews on the blogs i frequent! added yours to the list in the post.

  5. Jutlanders said

    Yes, Yumiru~ I have a weakness for girls with cool battle gear

  6. OMG!! I know how you feel.. I’m now currently bankrupt but I still want to preorder Limit Gunz.. The GIGA-gun is just pure awesome..

    I try to resist the temptation but I guess the FORCE is not strong in me.. :P

  7. ronaldhw said

    heh, no point of stopping, you going to buy the things you want anyway :D

    that yuumiru looks nice :O

  8. optic said

    if u have a weakness for babes wielding weapons, then there is little I can say to make u stop.
    I will just offer one little advice.
    “Think before you buy”. ^_^

  9. gordon said

    give me all your money then, i’ll er… safe keep it for you. ^^;

  10. sonic_ver2 said

    If you feel that you’re preordered too much, find 1-2 figures that’s not very important / wanted then cancel it. Or else you’ll end up wasting money.

  11. e-jump said

    I has sucessfully control my buying power.
    However, I’m considering slowing down to 1 figure per 2 months or something >_<

  12. Lately I’ve been good about preordering (mostly because I have entirely too many preorders already). However I can’t stop you, I am an awful enabler lol.

  13. meronpan said

    wow, lots of comments today! ^_^; irasshai~

    @jutlanders indeed. knights, snipers, samurai, any sort of cute juxtaposed with bone crushing weapon… /kakkouii~~

    @fariz i think i have a deep rooted instinct… if the armament is bigger than the girl, it’s an auto-buy ^^; just love the absurdity of that gun.

    @ronaldhw i’m afraid you may be right hehe

    @optic ya know, sometimes it’s the thinking that does me in ^^;; i’ll put a figure on a wishlist thinking, ‘ok, only if i’m in a total dry spell.’ then a week later it’s like, ‘hmm she’d look nice with…” two weeks… “if a wait too long, i wonder if she’ll still be in stock…” …then kos-mos gets re-released and i buy XD i suppose the title of my post is a plea for help, but it probably should’ve been more of a ‘i’m beyond help’ sort of thing ^^;

    @gordon ah, good ide- … waaait a second! :P /kagami-tsukkomi

    @sonic if only there were 1-2 that weren’t important ;_; but no worries… i’ll just have to eat less. i kid, i kid! ^_^

    @e-jump hmm 1 per 2 months sounds painful ^^; well, i guess it all depends on releases… since i started so recently (march this year?), i felt like i had a lot of “catching up” to do… trying to get older figures has been a real killer. i think once i’ve exhausted by back log i’ll settle down a bit ^^;

    @pure trance hehe alas my number of open preorders has no bearing on my purchasing habits ^^;;

  14. If I had more money I’d keep on preordering and preordering lol. Sadly I have to keep myself in check, of course I will preorder something I really like…but before I was going a tad nuts.

  15. James said

    I want all these but i just preordered Limit Gunz :'(

    (because i have more than 40 preorder already until november … :/)

    we can’t be cured , we’re all sick :(

    help us :(

  16. Lsio said

    I wanted to get that KOS-MOS as well…but I think I can resist it; I hope I can.

  17. optic said

    I think we all need help. We just can’t stop. lol
    I already canceled 2 of my preorders. It hurts when I do it but it was the right thing to do. Now I’m starting to regret it. T_T

  18. nanu said

    Can you be satisfied by only getting what your situation allows? Does this mean none of us are satisfied with our current situation?

    There is no cure for this positive-feedback loop:
    You visit websites with pretty figure pictures. You buy figures. You want more. You might even take a few pictures yourself to put on a website. You get more people doing the same. Repeat. You want more.

    You can do what I do, and battle your aquisition candidates somehow (yes, the finalists you really want), and reject the losers and affiliated losers. Problem solved.

  19. meronpan said

    @james 40?! that’s a beautiful thing :D … i’m not helping, am i ^^;;;

    @lsio gambatte ne~

    @optic doh! you know, even if i did cancel some of my preorders… it think it’d end up only being the cheaper ones and not save me much ^^;;;

    @nanu i think my problem is that my situation allows for a lot ^^; i like the preorder battle idea. i should make a program…

  20. Kippei said

    I got owed by Gunz and still putting up my defence for Chizuru =3

  21. meronpan said

    @kippei chizuru fights dirty :P

  22. Hiko said

    A nice video with ” Queen’s Blade ” ( クイーンズブレイド ) heroes and anime heroes can be watched on YT:


  23. meronpan said

    @hiko hmm video wouldn’t play. -_-

  24. Agat said

    for me it’s working! Very nice video =)

  25. meronpan said

    @agat must’ve been the stupid content filter at work, yeah, works fine for me at home ^^;

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