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Posted by meronpan on August 3, 2008

Wholy.  Crap. You’re probably aware of the Wonder Festival coverage everywhere. Been browsing around and all I can say is, “GET! …ooo! GET! …yum, GET! …. GET! GET! GET!”

Image from Akiba Hobby's Alter coverage

Today’s images will link back the sources mentioned in the caption, rather than to a full size image. After all, I’m shamelessly borrowing them so I figured it’s the least I can do ^^; Danny has tons of articles of course, and I found Akiba Hobby‘s articles sorted by make to be useful.

So yeah, that’s an awesome Teana I’d like to get… And this…

Image from Akiba Hobby's Alter coverage

…is yet another Fate I’m definitely going to have to add to my collection…

Vita, Hayate, and Signum are already on my preorder list ^^;

Image from Akiba Hobby's Alter coverage

Image from Akiba Hobby's Alter coverage

Image from Akiba Hobby's Alter coverage

Image from Akiba Hobby's Alter coverage

…Don’t think I’ll be able to turn down this Louise.

Image from Akiba Hobby's Alter coverage

Wouldn’t mind having another nagato…

Image from Akiba Hobby's Alter coverage

And I think I’ll be looking for this KOS-MOS for the hair alone…

Image from Akiba Hobby's Alter coverage

These pics of haruka look a little off from the prototype I remember… I’ll have to check up on that later, but I doubt I’ll cancel my order.

Image from Akiba Hobby's Alter coverage

Same with this Rei, doesn’t look quite as nice as the prototype pics, but I’m guessing the lighting wasn’t spectacular at the show…

Image from Akiba Hobby's Alter coverage

Figma Hayate anyone?

Image from Akiba Hobby's Good Smile Company coverage ('course it's a Max Factory figure, same difference :P)

Painted Exelica nendoroid is sooo cute!

Image from Akiba Hobby's Good Smile Company coverage

Will probably be picking up Nanael when she’s available for preorder…

Image from Akiba Hobby's Megahouse coverage

Image from Akiba Hobby's MegaHouse coverage

Not sure if I need an additional Alice though ^^;

Image from Akiba Hobby's MegaHouse coverage

…So yeah… that’s basically my wish list from the summer WF2008 … so far ^^;;; back to reading more coverage…

Anyone else freaking out because their mental wish list is growing exponentially? :P

19 Responses to “WonFes wish list”

  1. sonic_ver2 said

    Teana, Fate, Hayate, Louise from Alter, and figma Hayate are also in my wish list. Already got Hayate (Alter) preordered too.

  2. Panther said


  3. Persocom said

    gawd all of those look so nice, it’s going to be hard not blowing all my spare cash on figures soon. I think of all of those the one I’m definitely going to get is the figma Hayate. All the Nanoha ones are awesome though… arg! KOS-MOS, Louise and Nagato are all great looking too.

  4. OMG! Nendoroid Exelica! *moeeee*

  5. Luckily I only need KOS-MOS Swimsuit, Seto San Figma & Vocaloid Figma. Everything else I liked I already had on preorder.

  6. Wow.. Figma Hayate looks nice.. I wish I have the extra pocket money for her but I am more willing to use it for figma Miku.. ^^

  7. meronpan said

    @sonic_ver2 excellent selections ^_^ i can’t wait for hayate

    @panther that outfit from the game? i never got around to 3… ^^;

    @persocom and unfortunately alter is not known for low prices ^^;

    @divine fang the prospect of having her next to the 1/8 version is creating a serious threat to my wallet…

    @pure trance no nanoha love? :P

    @fariz asuka i assume you’re collecting all the miku releases? ^_^ i’m still trying to get my miku nendoroid and looking forward to the gsc release…

  8. optic said

    ZOMG, Alter is delivering all the great StrikerS figures.
    The series was disappointing but the figures are appealing. ^^

  9. Lsio said

    is it because the lighting? the alter Rei Ayanami does not look that good ^^; kinda want to cancel my pre-order.

  10. @meronpan Only seen 1 ep. of StrikerS and hated it :( I do have Figma Nanoha already, and Figma Fate on the way, but I am not going to continue the collection.

  11. meronpan said

    @optic i hope they end with an uber nanoha figure, all the others look spectacular. definitely a set i’m gonna be copmleting.

    @lsio same thoughts crossed my mind ;_; although… i’m still looking to add an eva figure to my collection, so i’ll prolly hold on to her regardless…

    @pure trance i’ll have to do a more in depth review of strikers some other time, but yeah, i didn’t start to really enjoy it until the closing 6-8 episodes. on the other hand, not watching the first half leaves out a lot of character development and such… i feel like if they just could’ve repackaged the contents of the first 15-20 episodes it woulda been uber.

  12. Kozta-Boom said

    I will get that Louise figure. >,<“

  13. meronpan said

    @kozta-boom you and me both! :D

  14. Ah, so much I want. >.< Definitely will get Exelica nendoroid though, out of these figures that one is at the top of my list. :p

    By the way, would you like to exchange blogroll links? I’ll go ahead and add you anyway, but let me know. :p

  15. meronpan said

    @wickedclown the more i see her, the more i learn towards buying her ^^;; i guess it would be nice to have the game… although still i haven’t gotten anywhere in mushihimesama… so far behind!!! i hope exelica is easier than mushihime…

    i’ll add ya to my list after is post this!

  16. Q said

    Is the Nanaoha series not watchable or just StrikerS? I know hardly anything out of it, but I admit Fate is quite moe for me.

    Would you recommend the figma one or normal figures?

  17. xephfyre said

    Nagato’s eyes remind me of Tamaki from Bamboo Blade. O_O


  18. meronpan said

    @Q did you mean nanoha a’s vs. strikers? or the original nanoha? at any rate, i think it’s strikers that most people don’t enjoy as much. you can see my thoughts on it in my response to pure trance, which is 7 comments up.

    @xephfyre i need to watch bamboo blade!

  19. Q said

    Ah I was just curious about all 3 Nanoha series in general. Guess it’s just StrikerS that wasn’t up to most people’s expectation then? Looking forward to see more of your Fate figma pictures.

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