Collection Progress

Posted by meronpan on September 28, 2008

So my figure unboxing is going well, almost have everyone out now… woo hoo!

Click for source pic @ moe imouto

Click for source pic @ moe imouto

Was taking some pics for some upcoming exelica love, decided to throw together a little look back on my collection as it’s developed this year.

Late March I was in Tokyo with some friends, had decided to buy a figure for the heck of it. Came back with nendoroid nagato ^_^

Actually picked up some puchis too… so at the end of March it was just an innocent set of 3, not even a 1/8 among them ^^;

soooo dusty! i've since cleaned my monitor stand off ^^;;

Shortly after returning I regretted not picking up the 1/8 max factory nagato… so I quickly fixed that problem…

…and that opened the online store floodgates. I don’t know what possessed me, but my very next figure was none other than Exelica.

After my first anime con, shinra and rin joined the gang…

That brings us to around the end of May, when I decided to get a detolf…

As summer set in, the last figure I acquired before the boxing was my freeing haruhi bunny.

Figures slowly trickled in during the summer, and now I’ve finally put (most) everyone back out on display! Here’s how things look today:

…yeah… it’s really… cramped ^^; I’ll be moving some out eventually to make it look less ridiculous, but for now I just want to keep the amount of dusting I have to do down. Running down the shelves, we have Fate guarding things from the top…

Exelica gets the top shelf, although I’ve given her some company due to lack of space ^^;

I didn’t do it on purpose but my 1/6 shelf follows (well mostly 1/6).

Haruhi next,

And the unfortunate bottom shelf… I don’t think I want any of those figures on that shelf, but for now refuge from dust ^^;;;

So that’s been my insane plunge into figure collecting to date. I’m afraid what things will look like after a full year ^^; How long have you been collecting?


29 Responses to “Collection Progress”

  1. Panther said

    Wahaha, mine is going to be cramped soon, but I already planned for that by having some of them in the future on the table with me, though that would mean they get dirtier faster.

    Incidentally, a T-rex toy guards my display cabinet as well lol.

  2. vixion said

    better buy a new shelf >_< i also have a plan to doing that

    anyway i have been collecting for….. i quees it’s already 4 years sinc i got my 1st gashapon

  3. azuresaber said

    I have the same problem too…
    After my trip to Japan in the summer…
    I totally ran out of room for figures in my shelf…
    So I keep them in their boxes and stack them to save room…
    Even with that…I’m low on room…
    My figure stack increases at least once a week…
    I’m surprised that you have that many figures and you only started in March. That must be one heck of some spending spree you had…

  4. Rin said

    Please ignore that last one…….(Logged into my old wordpress account somehow…)
    I have the same problem too…
    After my trip to Japan in the summer…
    I totally ran out of room for figures in my shelf…
    So I keep them in their boxes and stack them to save room…
    Even with that…I’m low on room…
    My figure stack increases at least once a week…
    I’m surprised that you have that many figures and you only started in March. That must be one heck of some spending spree you had…

    Also, I wonder how many figures you obtained in the past few months…It’s pretty amazing that you have such a huge collection so fast!!!

  5. sonic_ver2 said

    Your collection really growing, slowly but sure. It must be hard to manage when your collection starts to grow larger than the available space.

    Anyway, i want that Erika Sendou and Char XD.

  6. Blowfish said

    Haha thats just awesome.Everything started with one little innocent figure and then you got addicted and now youre flooded with figures.Its nice to see how it grew steadily via your pictures.Its like in some old school comedy

    My Detolf is cramped too.Thats why i have some of my figures on my desk.Its mainly my Revoltechs and Figma but Lucia is also securing my laptop^^
    I hate the idea of them getting dusty but idont have any space for another detolf ^^;;;;

  7. meronpan said

    @panther as it stands, i guess i don’t have a choice… my new figures will have to go on my desk too ^^;; i should probably get some dusting equipment…

    @vixion i wish i had a workshop… and some cheap glass. hard to bring myself to buy a shelf when it could be another figures ^^; i wonder if i’ll still be going strong after 4 years…

    @rin after your trip to japan, looked like you didn’t have anywhere to sleep! so much loot everywhere!
    the last two months have actually been kind of slow. orders that should’ve come in were (and still are -_-) delayed… stupid us based stores ;_; before that, yeah i was going crazy and getting some of the harder to find stuff off ebay… it was bad ^^;

    @sonic_ver2 I’m going to have to keep my desk clean so I can use it as figure display space ^^; i’m surprised they haven’t done a reissue of char… i think tokyo hunter had her up for auction but i don’t see her anymore. he does have erika… but it’s a starting bid of $150 though orz

    @blowfish hahah, yeah i’m still not sure what snapped but when i got addicted, it set in really bad ^^;; i actually have figmas on my desk too, good for when i’m being unproductive ^^;

  8. Eetaku said

    Haha. Your case looks almost like mine! Mine is more cramped and I have like at least 6 other figures still boxed because I couldn’t cram n e more in. Im considering buying another IKEA case…

  9. I’ve been collecting since Jan. …I have a lot of figures lol. I am going to get 2 Detolfs….

  10. ETERNAL said

    Nice Exelica, I should probably pick it up some time if I can find it…

  11. nanu said


    I’m almost a year into collecting. Money being an issue is why I’m averaging about one figure per month. I’d rather keep my collection small on purpose, until I can justify my hoarding for this growing infatuation. At least if I would learn Japanese I could be anywhere closer to your appreciation level for these artifacts.

  12. meronpan said

    @eetaku if only they had a volume discount we could all get together and buy a ton of ’em ^^;

    @pure trance be sure to take pics when you have your detolfs set up ^_^

    @eternal yes! she’s wonderful ^_^

    @nanu hahah, i don’t think learning japanese is that crucial when it comes to figures… of course, i always recommend people give it a try ‘cuz it’s great! …i suppose you do miss out on a lot with the shuraki bundle though… ^^;

  13. @ meronpan – I’ll do so, it’ll be a bit though before I buy them.

  14. zenical said

    wow nice collection. I like to buy figurines, but I spend my money wisely.. lately i haven’t been successful -_-. Keep having impulse buys

  15. lovelyduckie said

    From Yuki Max factory to an Exelica? That is a HUGE step right there.

  16. James said

    Saw the pics at DC , glad to finally see all your figures in place !

  17. meronpan said

    @zenical impulse buys are the lifeblood of my collection ^^;

    @lovelyduckie yes it was ^^; worst part was i woulda saved a ton of money if i had just picked them up in akihabara a couple months before (well, assuming i coulda fit them on the plane ^^;)

    @james thanks, so am i! ^_^

  18. optic said

    Been collecting just over a year now and I ran out of space as u have seen in my figure post. ^^
    I reckon another detolf is a must this christmas. ^^

  19. meronpan said

    @optic i wish the collateral damage of this hobby wasn’t so great… display furniture, cameras… the figures are bad enuf by themselves! ^^;;

  20. super rats said

    The bottom shelf of the Detolf is just so far out of sight that I feel like I’m banishing a figure when I have to put her down there. Down that low, they really can’t be seen too well, especially when you cram them full of figures like I do.

  21. meronpan said

    @super rats yes, it’s totally like banishing them! ^^; as i mentioned, there’s not a single figure down there now i intentionally want down there. i’ve pretty much decided to get another shelf in the next month or two.

  22. xJAYMANx said

    Here are some of my collection stats, lol.

    (a) The first 12 months @ $233/mo USD = +57 figures (57 owned+ordered),
    (b) The next 12 months @ $183/mo USD = +25 more (=82 owned+ordered), then
    (c) The last 6 months @ $67/mo USD = +10 more (=92 figures owned+ordered).

    So either I’m losing interest or losing money. Actually both, lol. Maybe after a couple years, you’ll slow down too? LOL, good luck! >_<

  23. meronpan said

    @xjaymanx hahah thanks ^^; those are some interesting numbers you threw out… i have a spreadsheet to get numbers like that… i think i’m over 3x your first year rate at the moment o.O (yes, i need to slow down orz) guess that makes sense… 1/2 the time, about the same number of figures, but my average figure price is (incl ship/tax/etc) ~$80. by your numbers your 1st years figures averaged ~$50.

    on the bright side i haven’t ordered anything in over a week! ^^;

  24. xJAYMANx said

    @Meronpan: Wow, THREE TIMES! I’m guessing cash numbers not number of figures. Damn!

    Yeah, I included ship/tax/etc too, so it’s probably a combination of my getting more 1/8-scales than 1/6-scales PLUS figures might have been a generally cheaper a couple years ago. On top of that, my last 10 figures in the last 6 months include 4 Figmas (which are relatively cheap too).

    But damn, your rate is still mind-boggling (and wallet-emptying)! I’m guessing but @ $700/mo for 6 months, you’ve got about 50-60 figures so soon? Double damn!

  25. xJAYMANx said

    @Meronpan: Sorry, u can delete the initial comment.

    Apparently when I used the smiley after “Damn”, the bracket hid the rest of the comment like it was code. So I removed all the bracket-smileys in the full comment. Hmm, what’s up with your WordPress code? My WordPress doesn’t do that, lol. >_<

  26. meronpan said

    @xjaymanx yeah, cash, not figure # ^^; but uhhh *ahem* yeah it’s insanity. on the one hand some of these orders won’t come in until the new year, but on the other hand, ordering is a year round process so it ends up being same i guess? but yeah, according to tsukiboard, i’m sitting on ~30 in hand, ~30 ordered atm. All I know is that this is not sustainable ^^;;;

    not sure what’s up with the code… i’m just using whatever free theme with the free hosting @ wordpress.com so no clue ^^; i used to run a personal webserver and even hosted an online game but since then got burnt out by all the maintenance (and later dealing with 3rd party hosting when we had larger bandwitch needs) so all free stuff for the moment ^_^

  27. xJAYMANx said

    @Meronpan: THIRTY ordered!?! Holy crap, I don’t think I ever had more than 10 ordered at one time. But 30 isn’t just *insanity*, that’s *lunacy*, even *psychotic*, lol.

    So right now, I’m just waiting for my last 5 orders to come within maybe 5 months. That’ll be 97. I’m thinking of 2 more figures based on Masamune Shirow’s illustrations since I love his artwork. So maybe 99. After that, I’ll sit under 100 as LONG as I can. That way, I can finally pay for my first 50-inch plasma. It’s been too long. =_=;

    P.S. No worries. Free is free. I guess I’ll save my bracket-smileys for the end of my comments, lol. >_<

  28. meronpan said

    @xjaymanx guess you didn’t see my preorder post ^^;; it would actually be slightly less – 24 – if I had ordered elsewhere… narika, suzu, sairenji, haruka, airi and yuumiru are all out, and have been out to my knowledge… yet my items still aren’t in stock ;_;

    big screens are great! i’ve been blessed to have roommates with similar tastes so we were able to split the cost of one. eventually we did sell it though… but got a projector which is also nice ^_^ (if you have a good room for it).

  29. xJAYMANx said

    @Meronpan: LOL, nope, no TV-cost splitting over here. I mean, my roommate just *barely* pays me the rent on her current income. But even if we did split, why would I want to share the big-screen with her? LOL. >_<

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